Notable Conservationists

someone who works to protect animals, plants and natural resources;
a person who is involved in conservation and works towards preventing the loss or waste of natural resourcesFish Fur Feathers

A conservationist can be a professional biologist, amateur naturalist, landowner, individual or group of people who document flora and fauna, educate others on conservation issues and engage in activities that conserve species and habitats. Alberta’s Notable Conservationists is an online resource that celebrates the people who worked or continue to work towards conserving and preserving wild Alberta. These are the people whose passion and dedication continue to inspire us!

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Alberta’s Notable Conservationists is a project brought to you in partnership by the Fish and Wildlife Historical Society and Nature Alberta. For more information on the history of fish and wildlife conservation in Alberta pick up a copy of Fish, Fur & Feathers, an excellent resource documenting exciting stories of fish and wildlife conservation in Alberta.

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Alberta Fish and Game Associations

Anthony Henday

Benjamin Lawton

Charles Camsell

Dawn Dickinson

Ducks Unlimited

Ellis Family – Ellis Bird Farm

Eliza (Elsie) Cassels McAlister

Frank Farley

Grant MacEwan

Joseph Burr Tyrrell

Kerry Wood

Martin Paetz

William Rowan