Past Award Recipients

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Loran Goulden Memorial Award

Named for respected Alberta naturalist, Loran L. Goulden, this award is presented annually to an exceptional individual in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions to natural history in Alberta. The award recognizes both specific and long-term aggregate contributions to any field of Alberta natural history. Recipients’ accomplishments follow the example set by Loran L. Goulden to foster amateur natural history study, contribute to our knowledge of Alberta natural history, support conservation of Alberta’s natural heritage, show leadership and be willing to share one’s knowledge.

Past Loran Goulden Memorial Award Recipients

Frank and Alice Harper Memorial Award

There are many “unsung heroes” among the naturalist community. They are the role models who give whole-heartedly of themselves in carrying out the duties associated with keeping Alberta’s nature clubs on track, active, organized and able to provide the services that are basic to clubs’ continued existence. Frank and Alice Harper were two long-time naturalists, with the Lethbridge Naturalists Society, who exemplified those admirable qualities we associate with “unsung heroes”. This award, named in their honor, recognizes an individual’s unassuming commitment and service to a local nature club, and their efforts to support the betterment, efficiency, administration, operation and fulfillment of the club’s mandate.

Past Frank and Alice Harper Memorial Award Recipients

Honorary Life Member Award

From time to time, Nature Alberta honors outstanding naturalists or conservationists who have made substantial, life-long contributions to Alberta’s naturalist community through their commitment to and volunteer efforts in support of Nature Alberta. In recognition of their long-time efforts and significant impact, these individuals are made Honorary Life Members of Nature Alberta.

Past Honorary Life Member Award Recipients

Volunteer Award

Each year, Nature Alberta recognizes individuals for their commitment to volunteerism, and for making important contributions that support their local club, Nature Alberta, or other initiatives that benefit Alberta’s natural heritage.

Past Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

Youth Award

In 2015, Nature Alberta established the Youth Award to recognize the efforts of young individuals who are active participants in and members of their local nature club or affiliate club. Youth Award recipients demonstrate a passion and appreciation for, and clearly enjoy Alberta’s natural history through their participation in regular club activities. Their keen interest in learning about Alberta’s natural resources and natural elements of Alberta’s wild environment makes them role models that inspire other young naturalists. To be considered for a Youth Award, individuals must be less than 18 years of age.

Past Youth Award Recipients