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Alberta Environmental Policy Update – July 2021

1 August 2021

In this post we examine the changes in Alberta environmental policies that have occurred over the past year.

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Figure 1. Temperature zones in Alberta, comparing today with predicted temperature distributions in 2080 under the best-case and worst-case scenarios. Adapted from Schneider 2013.

Life in a Warmer World

1 August 2021

Time Travelling into Alberta’s Future


How warm is it going to get, what will the ecological responses be like and where do we go from here?

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Rare Alberta Birds Get Close Scrutiny

22 July 2021

The Alberta Bird Record Committee (ABRC) is the body responsible for evaluating records of rare birds in the province. It periodically publishes the results of its deliberations, and its newest report, the thirteenth in the series, is now available. The report documents the Committee’s decisions on almost 90 records of bird rarities that have been recorded in the province over a span of about six years.

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Elk bugling in the mist
A bugling elk (Cervus canadensis) by Nick Parayko

Out of Sight: How Scientists are Listening in on Nature in Alberta

22 July 2021


Imagine being a biologist: do you want to go on a long difficult journey to reach a site to conduct a breeding bird survey at dawn…or wheel your rollie chair over to your desk to use an acoustic survey? What are the cons of this scenario, if any? And how does it stack up to traditional surveys?

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Bumble bee by Richard Schneider

Plight of the Bumble Bee

21 July 2021


There is a good chance you have heard the slogan “save the bees” somewhere, perhaps on social media or on a flyer at the local coffee shop. But to clarify, which bees does this sentiment refer to? Which bees need saving? Read about the plight of the bumble bee, who cares, what is being done and, most importantly, what you can do to save the bees.

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Swift Fox by Gordon Court
Swift Fox by Gordon Court

The Swift Fox: A Canadian Conservation Success Story

22 April 2021


The swift fox reintroduction program successfully brought the fastest member of the wild dog family’s population from Extirpated to Endangered, and finally to Threatened. Although it began with an illegal publicity stunt by a game farm, structured efforts soon followed. Habitat conservation continues to be a key issue for swift fox populations.

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Coal mining

Making Sense of the Situation in Alberta’s East Slopes

19 April 2021

If you are like most people, you may be having a hard time keeping track of what is going on in the East Slopes. First, the coal policy was rescinded. Then it was reinstated — sort of. Leases were awarded and then leases were cancelled. Yet a major coal mine is in the final stages of review. Keep reading to make sense of it all and keep your head from spinning!

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Alberta Parks Face the Loss of Park Interpreters

3 April 2021

Alberta Parks may lose most of their park interpreters. Kate Corrigan explains why interpreters matter and why we should keep them.

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Concerns Regarding a Proposed Irrigation Expansion Project in Southern Alberta

31 March 2021

A large-scale project to expand irrigation infrastructure in the South Saskatchewan River Basin has been announced by the government. Environmental groups have raised concerns about the impacts of this project.

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Alberta’s Coal Policy Reinstated

8 February 2021

Today’s announcement demonstrates that grassroots voices can make a real difference in ensuring that Alberta’s special places remain protected.

This is s a welcome reprieve for future development in the Eastern Slopes. We urge concerned citizens to continue to press for a full stop on exploration and development activities until public consultation is completed and appropriate protections are in place.

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