How can we keep birds safe?


Did you know that our house cats kill around 200 million birds every year in Canada? Did you also know that window strikes are a huge cause of death in our birds as well? We need to work to help protect our birds as they are a very important part of our ecosystem. Birds are important pollinators and without pollinators, we wouldn’t have some of the beautiful flowers and food that we have in Alberta. Birds also eat a lot of the insects that we as humans don’t really like like mosquitoes and other bugs that can harm our farmers’ crops. We need to keep our birds and our cats safe as cats who run around free and unsupervised can get hurt from passing cars or stray dogs and they can also hurt the birds in your neighbourhood as cats are natural hunters.

One way to allow your cat to have a safe outdoor adventure is to train your cat to use a harness so you can take him or her for walks. This will prevent the cats from getting hurt and prevent the birds from also being hurt.