How do bears hibernate?


Bears spend the fall fattening up for the winter and once the weather gets colder sometime in October or November, they look for a comfortable place to spend their hibernation. They usually look for somewhere that is small and protected from the wind and snow. Sometimes they have spots that they have used before but often they dig themselves a hole to call home for the winter months. While the bears hibernate, they can lose anywhere from 10-30 percent of their body weight which would be anywhere from 40 to 130 pounds for an average black bear. That’s a lot of weight!! When they hibernate, their heart rate lowers from about 50 beats per minute to anywhere from 8 to 19 beats per minute. During their hibernation, bears don’t eat, drink, or go to the bathroom at all! This is why they have to eat so much before going into hibernation as they won’t eat again until the spring!

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