Nature Kids Activities

Heart-Shaped Wildflower Bouquet

1 August 2022

Learn about native flowers and noxious weeds with this hands-on activity.

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Observe, investigate, and share nature with iNaturalist!

5 June 2022

Investigate species everywhere you go with these simple steps to get started with iNaturalist.

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Build a Listening Lid

1 June 2022

Use this Listening Lid to help you hear all the sounds nature has to offer!

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Learn About Nature – Whenever, Wherever

26 April 2022

Do you have questions about nature? That’s natural! It’s a big world out there and, luckily, we’ve got some answers!

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Journey of a Seed

24 April 2022

Follow these steps to test the germination rate of your seeds to decide how many seeds to plant.

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Survival of the Fish-est

1 March 2022

These fish-tastic activities are sure to make a splash as they help you learn how fish survive in the water.

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Budding Birders Guides

8 February 2022

Get your naturalist on with these birding guides from Nature Calgary

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Migratory Bird Bingo

2 November 2021

Go birding and mark off all the birds you find on this Migratory Bird Bingo sheet. Fill in a straight or horizontal line for a BINGO or the whole card to become a blackout birder!

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Bird Footprints Craft

6 October 2021

Make your own bird footprints with this simple DIY craft!

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Bird Protecting Window Decal

6 October 2021

Protect birds with this fun DIY window decal craft.

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