Can Smartphones Kill Trout?

1 November 2020


Unlike birders, we fish lovers can seldom go to a lake or river and simply “see” a fish. To see one, we usually need to catch it. The question is: can occasional losses from catch-and-release fishing be safely ignored or are they a cause for concern?

It turns out that this question is harder to answer than one might expect.

Recovery of Ord’s Kangaroo Rats on the Suffield National Wildlife Area

30 April 2020


Kangaroo rats get their name from their large back legs and feet that they use to hop in a fashion reminiscent of Australian kangaroos. They are sometimes confused with the smaller western jumping mouse, which is also a hind foot jumper.


Weaselhead Glenmore Park Preservation Society Annual General Meeting

23 November 2020

December 9th, 2020

Edmonton Nature Club Christmas Bird Count

23 November 2020

December 20th, 2020

Edmonton Nature Club Virtual Presentations

23 November 2020

November 27th and December 4th, 2020

Buffalo Lake Nature Club Christmas Bird Counts

23 November 2020

Join the Buffalo Lake Nature Club for three Christmas Bird Counts this winter!!

Red Deer River Naturalists Speaker of the Month

23 November 2020

November 26th, 2020

Blue Aster Lake and Warrior Rocky Mountain Peak, Kananaskis Country

Defend Our Parks

17 November 2020


Albertans want more of our natural heritage protected, not less.

The Importance of Alberta’s Protected Areas

9 November 2020

Learn all about the protected areas of Alberta and why they are important!

Bunchberry Meadows

9 November 2020

Learn all about Bunchberry Meadows, a natural area west of Edmonton that is wonderful to visit!


9 November 2020

Learn all about the Grasslands region here!

Rocky Mountains

9 November 2020

Learn all about the Rocky Mountains here!

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