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By reporting when certain plants bloom and leaf out in spring, Albertans contribute vital information for climate change studies. The speed of spring plant development is controlled mainly by temperature, and there is evidence that warming winter and spring temperatures are already resulting in earlier appearances of flowers. Join us in tracking spring timing at Alberta Plantwatch! Read the latest in their newsletter.

The Alberta SaskatoonWatch tracks blooming saskatoon shrubs with Hands on Alberta and Alberta PlantWatch using NatureLynx. Participating is easy! Simply download NatureLynx™, join the Hands on Alberta group, and find the SaskatoonWatch mission. During the month of May, snap photos of saskatoon buds and flowers in your community and tag them to the mission. Read more about the project on the SaskatoonWatch mission on the NatureLynx website or in this downloadable PDF Info Sheet.

Recent Articles

Journey of a Seed

24 April 2022

Follow these steps to test the germination rate of your seeds to decide how many seeds to plant.

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On the Trail of Disjunct Alpine Plants from Alberta to Ontario

24 April 2022


It’s Day 4 on the trail. It’s humid, hot, and did I mention humid? Our packs are impossibly heavy with food, camping gear, and sampling equipment. I wish there was someone else to blame for deciding to mix backpacking with field sampling, but unfortunately it was my idea. I have already cut myself on a rock and slipped into the frigid waters of Lake Superior as we struggle down the coastal hiking trail of Pukaskwa National Park. But all this suffering has rewarded us with just what we were looking for: plants! 

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