Edmonton Urban Coyote Project Volunteers

Volunteer with UofA's St. Clair Lab!

Volunteer with the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project. Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity? Are you interested in learning more about human-wildlife coexistence? If yes, you're in luck! The St. Clair Lab is seeking motivated volunteers to remotely classify public reports of Edmonton urban coyote encounters and sightings. As a volunteer on this project, you would work remotely on your own computer to support the analysis of spatial, temporal and contextual factors associated with the public perception of coyotes. Results will be shared with civic wildlife managers to advance coexistence with urban wildlife. In addition to contributing to this project, volunteers will meet others with similar interests via occasional remote gatherings, learn techniques for coding and managing data, and gain experience relevant to future research opportunities.


This position requires a minimum commitment of 12 hours total between January 15 and February 10th. Please contact Jonathan Farr at jfarr@ualberta.ca with a short paragraph (3 - 4 sentences) expressing why you would like to volunteer with the St. Clair Lab and why you would be a good candidate for this position.


For more information, visit: University of Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society's Facebook page (@UACTWS)