ANPC Monthly Lunchtime Webinar Mini-Series

Under Pressure: Threats to Alberta's Native Plant Communities ANPC webinar #2



Time Travelling to Alberta's Past and Future Under a Changing Climate

When: February 13, 2024 12:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Richard Schneider

The ANPC webinar mini-series Under Pressure: Threats to Alberta’s Native Plant Communities continues as Dr. Richard Schneider takes us on a journey through time, beginning 6,000 years ago, when Alberta's climate was roughly 2 °C warmer than today. See how the native plants in our grasslands and boreal forest communities were distributed under moderately warmer conditions. Then we jump forward to 2123 to explore how Alberta's ecosystems are likely to shift in the future under best-case and worst-case warming scenarios, and Dr. Schneider will discuss implications of ecosystem changes for biodiversity conservation efforts.

You can register for the Zoom presentation HERE or on the ANPC website.