Guides & Checklists


Supporting Nature and Biodiversity in Urban Yards

Nature has a purpose and a place within an urban environment. The Urban Nature Initiative (UNI) is designed to combat loss of biodiversity to habitat loss and fragmentation by supporting and providing habitat for native flora and fauna — right in our own backyards. This checklist guides homeowners through short- and long-term goals and projects, including landscaping for biodiversity, attracting pollinators, even making bats welcome! Your urban nature journey begins here!


Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas of Alberta

Alberta has abundant natural areas that support a broad range of birds and wildlife. The Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) program is one way in which we help support and promote the protection and conservation of these natural areas that are essential habitat for bird populations, which have been shown to be effective indicators of wider biodiversity. The Important Bird and Biodiveristy Areas Checklist introduces you to Alberta’s IBAs and how you can help protect them.


Shorebirds of Alberta

Alberta is fortunate to have a broad diversity of bird species and a large community of birding enthusiasts. Through our Bird and Biodiversity Program, we strive to be a strong voice for the recovery of bird species at risk and to increase the appreciation of Alberta’s bird biodiversity. This checklist is a great place to start your birding activities and introduces several of the species you’ll encounter along Alberta’s lakes and waterways.


A Homeowner’s Guide to Protecting Birds of Alberta

We have a collective responsibility to mitigate loss and protect our birds as they are a key part of a healthy environment. This booklet features valuable “did you know” and “what you can do” information that makes it easy for everyone to do something to help protect our bird populations.