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Nature Alberta is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing nature appreciation and conservation in Alberta. Through a variety of outreach programs we encourage Albertans to learn about nature, experience nature, and protect nature. We also oversee the Alberta Nature Network, composed of over 40 nature clubs located across the province.

Nature Alberta connects you to expert naturalists providing first-hand insight on crucial conservation issues facing Alberta right now. Explore our Conservation Blog for the latest news and analysis.

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Featured Articles

Butterflies for Beginners


My experience is that once you’ve been bitten by the entomology bug, you won’t look back. A good place to start, if you are keen to expand your biodiversity horizons, is butterflies. Butterflies provide a good introduction to the world of insects for a variety of reasons. Many species are bright, colourful, and not too hard to find.

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The 20,000-Year-Old Story of the Golden-Crowned Kinglet


The last Ice Age had an enormous impact on Canadian species, in some cases creating genetically distinct populations. To illustrate how geneticists have arrived at these conclusions, I’m going to walk through a real-world example from my own research on golden-crowned kinglets, one of North America’s smallest passerines.

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Explore Nature

There’s no greater way to appreciate nature than to get out and explore it for yourself! Find activities and materials to inspire the next generation of naturalists with our Nature Kids program. Participate in Citizen Science projects. Explore Alberta’s wild spaces.

Birding For Nature

Birding for Nature is a fundraising event to support the conservation and appreciation of nature in Alberta. You could also win one of two pairs of binoculars. Visit the Event Page to get started.

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Join our volunteer team and help Nature Alberta and our member clubs connect Albertans with nature and protect our natural heritage. There is always an adventure right around the corner!