Learn About Nature

Albertans are fortunate to live in a province that features magnificent landscapes and a rich diversity of species. Take some time to learn about them. Tag along with a biologist working in the field, peek over the shoulder of a research scientist conducting a study on your favourite species, or join with our network of naturalists in their explorations of our natural world. It’s all here for you.

Nature Kids

The Nature Kids program is for youth and families who like to learn about nature and have fun at the same time!

Citizen Science

Learn about ongoing citizen-based projects that collect important information on species and their habitats. You might want to get involved yourself - it's a great way to interact with nature.


Read informative articles about Alberta's varied bird species.


Read informative articles about Alberta's varied mammalian species.

Nature Network Speaker Series

Presentations by nature experts on a wide variety of topics, available here as video recordings.

Other Species

Find out more about other vertebrates, insects, and plants.

Learning Resources

Find books, clubs, and other resources for learning about Alberta's wildlife