Habitat Stewardship

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA)

The IBA program is a global effort to identify and conserve sites that provide essential habitat for bird populations and other wildlife. Since its launch in Canada, the program has identified about 600 sites across the country, including 48 in Alberta. Nature Alberta serves as the IBA coordinator in Alberta. You can become involved by becoming an IBA caretaker. Caretakers serve as champions and stewards for individual sites. Learn more about the IBA program here.


Stewards of Alberta Protected Areas Association

The Stewards of Alberta’s Protected Areas Association (SAPAA) is an affiliate club of Nature Alberta that works to maintain the integrity of parks and natural areas across the province. The group is comprised of volunteer stewards who have intimate knowledge of what is happening in their areas. Problems are brought to the attention provincial parks managers and the public. Anyone with a keen interest in helping to protect their favourite park or natural area is welcome to participate.

Protecting Lakes and Wetlands

The Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) is an affiliate club of Nature Alberta that promotes the responsible management of lakes and other aquatic ecosystems. They provide expertise and resources to lake stewardship groups, lake users, schools, local government, and industry. They also participate in the development of collaborative lake and watershed protection programs. Their aim is to raise awareness of the importance of lake ecosystems and to encourage sustainable practices.

For owners of lakefront properties, Nature Alberta and the Alberta Conservation Association have produced a handy guidebook: Living on the Waterfront: The Alberta Guide for Shoreline Living. This book is packed with useful information about waterfront living and includes tips on how to maintain a healthy shoreline. Essential beach reading! Order your copy in the Nature Alberta Online Store.