Explore Alberta

Albertans are fortunate to live in a province that features magnificent landscapes and a rich diversity of species. Here we provide a guide to the best places to visit for experiencing nature up close. Our emphasis is on hiking, birding, canoeing, and other forms of non-motorized recreation. When out in the field, be sure to record your observations using eBird and iNaturalist to help build an inventory of the biodiversity that exists in Alberta's natural landscapes.

Plan Your Trip

Alberta provides abundant opportunities for exploring nature, but how do you choose a site that best suits your interests? We get you started with an overview of options and tips for selecting specific spots, here.

Alberta Ecosystems

The first step in exploring Alberta's natural history is understanding how plants and animals are distributed across the province. An overview of Alberta's ecosystems and physical features is provided here.


Alberta has 473 provincial parks and 5 national parks, ranging from small sites designed mainly for recreation to expansive reserves for conserving biodiversity. Learn more about the different types of parks and what they have to offer here.

Natural Areas

Natural areas are parcels of land dedicated to habitat protection. Most of these sites have no visitor facilities but are still good places to experience nature. Learn more about exploring natural areas here.

Public Lands

The majority of Alberta's lands are publicly owned. These Crown lands are often leased for industrial use; however, public access is permitted in most cases. Read more about exploring public lands here.

Important Bird Areas

The IBA program is a global effort to identify and conserve sites that provide essential habitat for bird populations and other wildlife. There are 48 IBAs in Alberta and most are accessible to the public. Learn more about IBAs here.