This page features articles and video presentations about Alberta's birds. See our Featured Species page for information on other species.

Christmas Bird Count

2 December 2023

Across Alberta in December or January depending on local count day

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How to Build a Bird: The Story of Avian Evolution

23 October 2023


The origin of the avian body plan is not something bird watchers often think about. With so many species to find and identify out there, what does it matter how they originated? However, the story of bird evolution is a fascinating one, and understanding it can bring great enrichment to the hobby of birdwatching. 

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Whooping Cranes: Step by Step, Egg by Egg, Towards Recovery

29 September 2023


The whooping crane was once widely distributed across North America, but by the 1940s, hunting and habitat loss had reduced the species to only 21 birds. Wood Buffalo National Park remains the only place in Canada where whooping cranes nest.

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Owls of Alberta

28 August 2023

How many owls are found in Alberta? View the full list here!

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Alberta’s “Other” Woodpeckers

7 July 2023

Alberta is rich in woodpeckers, from common backyard visitors like the little downy woodpecker to the crow-sized pileated woodpecker with its flaming crest and manic voice. But there are a couple of interesting species that often get overlooked.

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Grebes of North America and Alberta

18 April 2023

Recorded Presentation
Speaker: Lucia MacQuarrie
Host: Edmonton Nature Club

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Photo Credit: Mark Bradley

The Aquatic Songbird: American Dippers

12 April 2023


American dippers are plump little birds, 18–21 cm, that weigh about 50 grams (roughly the weight of a golf ball). Both sexes have a slate-grey body with a brownish-grey head, an upturned tail, and flashing white eyelids.

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Photo Credit: Jeffery Offermann

The 20,000-Year-Old Story of the Golden-Crowned Kinglet

11 April 2023


The last Ice Age had an enormous impact on Canadian species, in some cases creating genetically distinct populations. To illustrate how geneticists have arrived at these conclusions, I’m going to walk through a real-world example from my own research on golden-crowned kinglets, one of North America’s smallest passerines.

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Annual Sharp-Tailed Grouse Watch

12 March 2023

Wainwright Wildlife Society
Wainwright, AB
mid-April – mid-May

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Photo credit: Rick Price

The Recovery of Trumpeter Swans in Alberta

12 January 2023


Historically, trumpeter swans were found throughout Alberta. But by the early 1900s, the species was near extinction, mainly because of overhunting. Through concerted conservation efforts, the population is now well on its way to recovery – an amazing conservation success story.

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