Beaverhill Bird Observatory

White-breasted Nuthatch by R. SCHNEIDER

Want to get up close and experience bird science first hand? Attend one of the bird banding sessions at the Beaverhill Bird Observatory this year! Songbird banding occurs until early June and owl banding occurs in September. They also run a special program for teens age 15-18 called Geoff Holroyd Young Ornithologist Workshop. The Beaverhill Bird Observatory’s Geoff Holroyd Young Ornithologists’ Workshop is a FREE week-long natural history camp that provides teenagers interested in birds with a practical, working knowledge and aesthetic appreciation of birds and their conservation. The Workshop will run from Friday, August 2nd to Thursday, August 8th 2024. Spots are limited so apply here before July 1st.

For more information on the Beaverhill Bird Observatory and their events, check out their website