Indigenous Voices in Environmental Monitoring

Beaver by T LEPRIEUR

The Alberta Citizen Science Community of Practice presents Indigenous Voices in Environmental Monitoring featuring presentations by Alvin First Rider and Elliot Fox.

Alvin First Rider - Kainai Ksisktakii Coexistence.

The presentation will discuss how Blood Tribe Land Management is exploring the historical and contemporary relationship the Blackfoot people have with Ksikstakii (Beaver). The project has been finding ways to utilize coexistent strategies with Ksikstakii and members of the Blood Tribe.

Elliot Fox – 2022-2023 Blackfoot Confederacy Tribal Council Native Trout Recovery Project - Blackfoot Shared Leadership and Capacity Support in Native Trout Recovery Addressing Climate Change, Non-native Species and Habitat Loss.

The presentation will discuss the various methods of data collection that were used including, environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling, installation and monitoring of water temperature data loggers in various tributaries in the study area, stream habitat restoration, native trout spawning bed surveys and Blackfoot elder interviews and some of the results.

Date: September 27, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Watch the recording on YouTube here: