Logo Contest

Plains bison - bull in Elk Island National Park by Leo de Groot

The Friends of Elk Island Society (FEIS) need a new logo to better represent Elk Island Park and the work they do.

Motif: Original art, created specifically for this contest depicting Elk Island National Park history and/or Friends of Elk Island Society mission or parts thereof. Must not infringe on copyright of existing logos of other organizations.

Timelines: December 1, 2023 to February 1, 2024 (period during which submissions will be accepted)

Where to submit: email to feiscontest@elkisland.ca

Formats: Digital format (prints can be scanned or photographed).

Judges: FEIS Board of Directors

Prize: One prize of $500 and a one-year Canada National Parks family pass to the winning entrant.

For rules and regulations, and for more information, visit The Friends of Elk Island Society website