Nature Lethbridge Field Trips

The following is a list of field trips and official species counts for the 2024 field trip season, developed by the Nature Lethbridge (NL) program committee!

Participants in NL outings (except species counts) will be asked to sign a Waiver and Release Form before taking part in the scheduled events. One signed form will cover the whole 2024 field trip season.

Please contact a trip leader by 8:00 pm the day before day trips so the leaders will know who is expected. Always wear suitable clothing and footwear. Bring your own lunch, sunscreen, insect repellent, rain gear, and adequate liquids to prevent dehydration. Car pooling will be encouraged.

  • Special note about dogs: dogs are not welcome on NL field trips.
    Reasons are:
    If dogs chase wildlife, this is stressful to the wildlife.
    Dogs can be a distraction for people’s enjoyment of nature.
    Most people like dogs, but some don’t.
    Therefore we request that you please leave your faithful companion(s) at home.

April 23 (Tues) – Henderson Lake evening nature walk.
May 8 (Wed) – Elizabeth Hall Wetlands evening nature walk.
May 11 (Sat) – Whimbrels, northeast of Taber.
May 17-19 (Fri, Sat, Sun) – Brooks-Lake Newell Bird Count.
May 22 (Wed) – Six Mile Coulee evening nature walk.
May 24-26 (Fri, Sat, Sun) – Milk River-Writing-on-Stone Bird Count.
May 25 & 26 (Sat & Sun) – Lethbridge May Species Count.
May 29 (Wed) – Great Blue Heron nesting colony.
June 1 & 2 (Sat & Sun) – Waterton Spring Bird Count.
June 4 (Tues) – Alexander Wilderness evening nature walk.
June 8 (Sat) – Flowers in Twin River Heritage Rangeland Natural Area.
June 15 (Sat) – Mountain Birds in Crowsnest Pass.
July 4 (Thurs) – Riparian evening nature walk in Six Mile Coulee.
August 8 (Thurs) – Invasive Plants evening nature walk.
August 24 (Sat) – Warbler Walk at Taber Municipal Park.
September 8 (Sun) – Annual Nature Lethbridge Picnic.
October 12 (Sat) – Vicki Ridge hawk watch and Beavermines Lake.
October 26 (Sat) – Snow Goose field trip.

For detailed information about the trips including the date, time, meeting point, and the requirements for participation, please visit the NL website.