Growing a Garden

Watch your onions (or carrots, or lettuce...) grow roots! BRAINSTORM IN BLOOM
Watch your onions (or carrots, or lettuce...) grow roots! BRAINSTORM IN BLOOM

How does your garden grow? Watch it sprout... underground!

You will need:

- Milk or juice carton (large one, 1.75 L)           - Scissors

- Plastic to serve as windows (2 pieces,            - Potting soil

plexiglass or any other hard plastic)                  - Carrot seeds

- Tacky glue                                                             - 2 sticky notes

- Duct tape                                                              - Notebook


Let's go!

  1. Start off by rinsing out your empty milk or juice carton. Then cut the top off the carton.
  2. Take your scissors and cut down the front of the carton (don’t cut all the way to the bottom, leave about 3-4 inches at the bottom), across the bottom and back up. Do the same thing on the back of the carton. These will be your windows.
  3. Take your clear plastic and measure it against the carton to see how big to cut it to make the windows.
  4. Cut it to the proper size. Do that again for the other window.
  5. Add the glue to the plastic windows and glue one on each side, on the inside of the carton. Add duct tape to the seams of the window so they stay in place.
  6. Add the potting soil to your carton and fill it almost to the top of the carton.
  7. Plant two or three seeds in your carton. Put the seeds about 1/4 inch away from the window and 1/4 inch deep into the soil.
  8. Put a sticky note on each window, at the top to give the seed and the roots some darkness to help them grow.
  9. Add water to your soil.
  10. Water your carrots every day and keep your carton in a sunny spot. The sticky notes can be removed after about a week.

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Building your garden box.
Building your garden box. BRAINSTORM IN BLOOM

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