Survival Against the Odds: Alberta’s Half-moon Hairstreak Butterfly

By Steph Weizenbach / 29 September 2023


Waterton Lakes National Park is truly one of the most remarkable areas in all of Alberta, where natural beauty is partnered with rich and unique biological diversity. Although you would not expect it, the story of one of Alberta’s rarest insects begins here, under the late-winter snow. This is a story of unexpected alliances, remarkable specialization, and perseverance in the face of catastrophic adversity, and it all takes place on the Blakiston Fan.

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Are there bugs that live in the snow?

By Nature Kids / 8 February 2023

Most people might assume that bugs aren’t active outside during the winter because we rarely see them, but the truth is much cooler!

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What happens to spiders in the winter?

By Steph Weizenbach / 25 January 2023

Find out what happens to our favourite 8-legged air breathing arthropods during Alberta’s harsh winters.

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