Wildfire Smoke Monitoring Through Citizen Science

By Nature Kids / 13 March 2023

Alberta Citizen Science Community of Practice
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Great Backyard Bird Count

By Nature Kids / 16 February 2023

Feb 17 – 20

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Winter Bug Count

By Nature Kids / 8 February 2023

Not sure what that creepy crawly in your basement is? Experts will help identify your find!

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Wading Through Aquatic Projects

By Steph Weizenbach / 30 January 2023

Citizen Science Community of Practice
Wed, Mar 1 at Noon

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Great Backyard Bird Count – Q & A Webinar

By Nature Kids / 29 January 2023

Learn tips for making birdwatching easier for people of all ages
February 15, 1:00-2:00 pm

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Citizen Scientists Come to the Aid of the Tenacious Franklin’s Ground Squirrel

By Rick Schneider / 11 January 2023


In Alberta, the status of Franklin’s ground squirrel has still not been determined. The provincial government maintains that there is not enough information to say whether the population is stable or imperiled. In the spring of 2022, Nature Alberta initiated a citizen science project to help fill some of the data gaps. The results are presented here.

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Edmonton Christmas Bird Count Results and Changes

By Nature Kids / 6 January 2023

Recorded Presentation
Host: Edmonton Nature Club

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Christmas Bird Count For Kids Edmonton Volunteers

By Nature Kids / 8 December 2022

Dec 18


Nature Alberta

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Peace River Christmas Bird Count Volunteers

By Nature Kids / 8 December 2022

Dec 17, 2022


Peace River

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May Plant Count Data Archivist

By Nature Kids / 5 December 2022

May Plant Count Team

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