The Recovery of Trumpeter Swans in Alberta

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About this Webinar: Driven nearly to extinction just over a century ago, the Trumpeter Swan has become a conservation success story thanks to pioneering efforts in Alberta to save this species. In this presentation we'll look at how the Trumpeter Swan population was saved, the degree to which conservation efforts have been successful, and current threats that this species still faces to this day.

About the Speaker: Nick Carter is a science and nature writer, photographer, and educator from Edmonton, Alberta. As a lifelong naturalist his professional experience and personal interests range from birdwatching and butterflies to dinosaur palaeontology and just about anything else to do with the natural world.

PCAP’s Native Prairie Speaker Series is a monthly webinar about prairie conservation or species at risk.

Hosted by: Caitlin Mroz-Sailer, Stewardship Coordinator, Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan

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