Wizard Lake Watershed and Lake Stewardship Association

20 February 2024

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Wizard Lake is located 50 km southwest of Edmonton in the North Saskatchewan Watershed. The Wizard Lake Watershed and Lake Stewardship Association (WLWLSA) works towards enhancing and protecting the sustainability and enjoyment of Wizard Lake for the benefit of all users and watershed inhabitants. 

Formed by a group of motivated residents who wanted to create a forum for community members to take ownership and responsibility for the healthy future of Wizard Lake, WLWLSA became a registered society in March 2006 and qualified to accept donations as a registered charity in September of that year.

Citizen science was part of the group’s activities from the very start. WLWLSA took the lead on a tributary water sampling program, with the assistance of Alberta Environment, that continues to this day. In 2007, four BioHaven Floating Islands were purchased for lake monitoring during open water season. The team also performs in-lake summer and winter sampling along with the spring tributary monitoring program.

To assist WLWLSA in providing the public with credible information, we retained a consultant to provide a plain-language overview document of historical water data. This initiative greatly enhanced communications with respect to lake and water health.

Community engagement has always been key in promoting awareness and action. In early years, the organization hand delivered documentation to each watershed resident. We still practice the direct approach, recently hand delivering the consultant’s Wizard Lake Data Summary – June 2021 report and the 2022 Technical Memorandum update, allowing the WLWLSA Board of Directors the opportunity for one-on-one conversations with watershed residents.

Community engagement also takes the form of fun activities. In early years, WLWLSA hosted a “Wiz Spiel,” a curling bonspiel that took place on the lake. The tradition of enjoying winter activities has grown into the Winter Try-It Festival, a free family event where people can enjoy horse-drawn sleigh rides, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, curling, skating, wood carving, kick sleds, face painting, and sweet treats in the Sugar Shack. After a two-year absence, the festival returned last year to great success thanks to 28 WLWLSA volunteers. The event is heading into its fourth season this year. Join us on February 10, 2024 for a day of free family fun!

We also host community events in the warmer months, including Canada Day celebrations and Parks Day. These events provide opportunities for us to talk to lake residents and visitors about how they can take an active role in lake stewardship.

To learn more and get involved, visit wizardlake.ca or email blake@wizardlake.ca.

Blake Bartlett is the current chair of the Wizard Lake Watershed and Lake Stewardship Association.

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