Annual Sharp-Tailed Grouse Watch

Wainwright Wildlife Society Grouse Tours

Wainwright Wildlife Society is inviting all nature enthusiasts, outdoor educators, birders, photographers, and anyone else who'd like to watch Sharp-tailed Grouse demonstrate a  yearly spectacular courtship dance to their annual Sharp-tailed Grouse watch!

Tours will run from mid-April - mid-May in Wainwright, AB. The Wainwright Wildlife Society will provide guidance and assistance to help ensure an enjoyable experience.

Your sharp-tailed grouse tour will leave from Wainwright at approximately 4am.  You will follow a guide, driving your own vehicle 20-30 minutes to a nearby grouse lek, review viewing protocols and then take a 5-10 minute walk to the blinds.  You will be in the blinds until approximately 8am.

Sharp-tailed Grouse Tours Spring 2024 Registration is now open!

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For more information please visit Wainwright Wildlife Society's Facebook page or email Sheldon Frissell at or call 780 806 3668.