Spotted Sandpiper standing over the water

Spotting Spotted Sandpipers

By Steph Weizenbach / 2 November 2021


As I approached the west shoreline, I noticed a pair of spotted sandpipers bobbing along a small stretch of beach. As I paddled closer, two little fluffballs suddenly materialized!

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Saw-whet Owl

Beaverhill Bird Observatory BirdSmart Program

By Steph Weizenbach / 2 August 2021

The Beaverhill Bird Observatory offers an exciting education outreach program called BirdSmart! Learn more here!

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Winter Birdwatching Scavenger Hunt

By Susan / 8 February 2021

Kids can have fun bird watching too! These activity sheets have been created with junior bird watchers in mind, so get out and get observing. How many of our feathered friends can you find?

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Birding the Badlands

By Susan / 27 January 2021


Despite the barren landscape that is often associated with the badlands, the valley accommodates a lively riparian forest. This ecosystem makes the river valley a popular birding spot for local naturalists and visiting birders alike.

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Loon with chick

Why Are Common Loon Chicks Becoming Less Common?

By Susan / 22 January 2021


Measuring loon productivity is also an excellent indicator of lake health. As top predators, loons are sensitive to damage at lower levels of the food chain. For example, processes that decrease the number of fish in a lake can cause food shortages, especially for young loons. Being a top predator also makes loons more vulnerable to pollutants, like acid rain and mercury.

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Eastern kingbird eating a grasshopper.

Eastern Kingbirds

By Susan / 18 January 2021


Eastern kingbirds belong to a group of birds known as the tyrant flycatchers, and the Latin name of this species, Tyrannus tyrannus, reflects their pugnacious nature.

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Do all birds migrate in the fall?

By Nature Kids / 9 November 2020

Not all birds seek a warmer place for the winter, learn more here!

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What are bird bands?

By Nature Kids / 9 November 2020

Learn about the brightly coloured bands you see on bird’s legs!

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Easy Bird Feeder

By Nature Kids / 9 November 2020

Make an easy bird feeder for your backyard to help feed our feathered friends!

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How can we keep birds safe?

By Nature Kids / 5 November 2020

Keep cats safe and save birds lives!

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