Bird Protecting Window Decal

Have you ever looked at a window from the outside and seen the trees and sky reflected in it? Birds see it too! Except, they don’t understand it is a reflection. They will fly towards the reflected trees and smack right into the window. Ouch! In Canada, millions of birds are seriously injured each year by flying into windows. You can help birds avoid hitting your windows by breaking up the reflection — cover your windows with ribbons, decals, or crafts like this one!

What you need:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Marker
  • Tissue paper, feathers, sequins, or anything else you want to use for decorating
  • Clear, self-adhesive plastic (like contact paper, Mac Tac, or clear shelf liner)

What to do:

  1. Draw the outline of your favourite  bird on a piece of cardstock paper. Make sure the shape takes up at least half of the page. Trace along the inside of your shape so there is approximately a 1-inch border of the entire shape.
  2. Cut along the outside line and inside lines of your bird, so there is an open area in the middle.
  3. Cut out 2 pieces of contact paper big enough to cover your entire shape plus at least an additional 1-inch border. Peel the backing off of one piece and place it down, sticky side up. Lay your bird outline in the middle.
  4. Next: decorate! Tear up little pieces of tissue paper and stick them in the middle of your bird outline. You can also use feathers, sequins, or anything else you want! Try to keep your decorations inside the cardstock paper border.
  5. Now seal your bird protector. Peel off the backing on your second piece of contact paper and carefully place it overtop of your decorated craft. Smooth out any air bubbles by sliding your hands over the entire craft.
  6. Cut off the excess contact paper, but leave a little bit of an edge around your bird outline so it stays sealed.
  7. Hang your beautiful bird protector in your window to help keep birds safe!