What happens to spiders in the winter?

By Steph Weizenbach / 25 January 2023

Find out what happens to our favourite 8-legged air breathing arthropods during Alberta’s harsh winters.

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Make a Snow Fort

By Nature Kids / 23 December 2022

Discover why some animals spend the winter under the snow by building your own snow fort!

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Trumpeter Swan running along water

Swan Snowshoe Challenge

By Steph Weizenbach / 21 December 2022

Try warming up an egg like a swan or running 100 m to take flight.

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Winter Bird Feeder Maze Activity

By Susan / 21 December 2022

Download and print this fun activity sheet to help this winter bird find its way to the bird feeder!

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Winter Birdwatching Scavenger Hunt

By Susan / 8 December 2022

Kids can have fun bird watching too! These activity sheets have been created with junior bird watchers in mind, so get out and get observing. How many of our feathered friends can you find?

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Amazing Amphibians & Riveting Reptiles

By Nature Kids / 6 December 2022

Recorded Presentation
Host: Nature Alberta

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Project FeederWatch

By Nature Kids / 28 October 2022

Get to know the birds in your backyard while helping scientists out at the same time!

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Budding Birders Guides

By Nature Kids / 8 October 2022

Get your naturalist on with these birding guides from Nature Calgary

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Mission: Monarch Migration

By Nature Kids / 7 October 2022

Come learn about monarch butterflies and the journey the go on every year!

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Bird Footprints Craft

By Steph Weizenbach / 6 October 2022

Make your own bird footprints with this simple DIY craft!

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