Why are bluebirds blue?

By Steph Weizenbach / 1 August 2022

The blue feathers of a bluebird are blue for a special reason!

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What is a cavity-nesting bird?

By Steph Weizenbach / 1 August 2022

Many birds make open cup nests while other birds nest in cavities. Not the same cavity as in your teeth!

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How does a seed turn into a plant & why don’t all seeds germinate?

By Steph Weizenbach / 24 April 2022

Learn how plants grow and why not all seeds germinate.

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What happens to fish when the pond turns to ice?

By Nature Kids / 11 January 2022

Lakes and ponds that fish live in over the winter do not freeze all the way to the bottom. A layer of water at the top of the pond freezes. The ice and snow on top insulate the water, helping keep the water at around the same temperature throughout the winter. The air against your…

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How do trees survive the winter without leaves?

By Nature Kids / 10 January 2022

First, let’s talk about what leaves are. Leaves help trees turn sunlight into energy, but only if they are uncovered. If snow covers the leaves, they can’t make any more energy. One of the reasons some trees lose their leaves in the fall is because they won’t be able to use the leaves during the…

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Do jackrabbits make nests like pet rabbits do?

By Steph Weizenbach / 1 August 2021

Jackrabbits are actually a type of hare and are very different from your pet rabbit. Find out how they differ.

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Why would a bird pretend to have a broken wing?

By Steph Weizenbach / 1 August 2021

Kids love to play pretend. Did you know birds pretend too? Find out why!

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web illuminated by dew drops in the morning sun

Are spiders born knowing how to build a web?

By Steph Weizenbach / 21 April 2021

Spider webs are amazing. Do spiders just know how to build them? Or are they taught how to spin webs?

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Swift Fox

Why are they called a SWIFT fox?

By Steph Weizenbach / 21 April 2021

Are swift foxes really swift?

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How do bears hibernate?

By Nature Kids / 9 November 2020

How do bears survive the winter? Find out more!

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