Discover “Acorn the Nature Nut”

Acorn the Nature Nut courtesy of J ACORN

Discover “Acorn the Nature Nut”: A 90’s nature adventure now on YouTube!

Hey Nature Kids! Are you ready to embark on an adventure across the natural spaces of Alberta and beyond? Now you can do just that with the Canadian TV series “Acorn the Nature Nut” - now available on YouTube!

Meet the Nature Nut

“Acorn the Nature Nut” is hosted by John Acorn, a fun and enthusiastic nature lover who knows tons about the wild world around us. With his quirky personality and bubbling enthusiasm, John makes learning about nature exciting and fun. He’s like a real-life nature explorer who can’t wait to share his adventures with you!

What you’ll love about “Acorn the Nature Nut”

1. Awesome Nature Facts:

Each episode is packed with interesting facts about animals, plants, bugs, and different ecosystems. As John shows you real life places and the animals in them, you might find you recognize lots of things! Did you know that frogs can freeze in the winter and come back to life in the spring? You’ll learn this and so much more!

2. Cool Adventures:

John Acorn takes you along on his adventures to lots of magical places. From dark forests to sparkling streams, and even desert areas, there’s new places to explore with every episode. Learn to track animals in episode 2 “Tracks in the snow” or discover how to find caterpillars in any season in episode 23 “Caterpiggles, wiggles & wiggles”.

3. Easy to Understand:

John explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand and really fun. He’s great at making biology interesting and entertaining, so you’ll never feel bored. And he has other experts and characters that join him to explain some of the trickier stuff.

Watch it now on YouTube

The best part? Now you can watch the entire series, any time you want, on YouTube for free! Just grab your tablet, smartphone, computer, or streaming device, and get ready to go on an ecological adventure! Great for bad weather days, “Acorn the Nature Nut” will help people of all ages discover the magic of nature. Happy watching, nature nuts!