Alberta Owls Coloring Page

By Nature Kids / 28 November 2023

Learn about Alberta’s owl species through this colouring page featuring a large, medium, and small species.

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Spiders and Their Webs

By Nature Kids / 24 October 2023

Spiders and their webs make for fun Halloween decorations, but real webs are fascinating feats of animal architecture!

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Play in the Leaves

By Steph Weizenbach / 3 October 2023

Take some time to play in the leaves this autumn

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Spiderling Web Craft for Kids

By Steph Weizenbach / 2 October 2023

Help sibling spiderlings disperse and build their own web with this fun Halloween themed nature craft.

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Placemat made from a fall leaves of all shapes and colours

Unbe-leaf-able Fall Placemat!

By Steph Weizenbach / 1 October 2023

Collect colourful leaves and make your very own autumn placemat.

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Making a Map

By Susan / 30 September 2023

Learn how to read and follow maps by making a map of your own neighbourhood or favourite natural space.

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Child building a dam.

Nature’s Architects

By Susan / 29 September 2023

Learn about dams by building like a busy beaver.

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Bird Protecting Window Decal

By Steph Weizenbach / 28 September 2023

Protect birds with this fun DIY window decal craft.

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Observe, investigate, and share nature with iNaturalist!

By Steph Weizenbach / 27 September 2023

Investigate species everywhere you go with these simple steps to get started with iNaturalist.

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Birding Tally

By Nature Kids / 14 July 2023

Go for a walk in your neighbourhood, nearby park, or favourite natural area and fill in the Birding Tally as you go.

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