Plants and Fungi

Alberta’s Peatlands

5 July 2024


Peatlands comprise 90% of Alberta’s wetlands. Get a closer look at their composition, variety, and ecological importance.

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British soldier club lichen can be found in Bellis North Natural Area. MIKE LEWINSKI

Sand Dune Plant Communities of Northern Alberta

22 April 2024

You don’t have to go out of this world to explore dunes — Alberta’s own sand dunes are home to remarkable plant communities!

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2024 ANPC WORKSHOP “Native Plant Superheroes” 

21 March 2024

Alberta Native Plant Council
Online & In-person at Medicine Hat, AB
April 20

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The alien invasion: Protecting Alberta’s native plants from the ever-pressing threat of invasive species!

28 January 2024

Recorded Presentation
Speaker: Megan Evans
Host: Alberta Native Plant Council

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Pixie cups and reindeer lichens. Both are Cladonias, which are some of our most charming and taxonomically challenging lichens. RICHARD SCHNEIDER

For the Love of Lichens

19 January 2024

There’s lots to love about lichens! Meet some of Alberta’s most colourful examples of these fascinating amalgam organisms.

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Bad But Beautiful

7 July 2023

The Lakota people called them “mako sica,” or “bad lands.” French trappers and traders had the same opinion and called them “les mauvaises terres à traverser” — “bad lands to cross.” Since then, the term “badlands” has stuck.

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Growing a Garden

29 May 2023

Watch your garden grow… underground!

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Journey of a Seed

24 May 2023

Follow these steps to test the germination rate of your seeds to decide how many seeds to plant.

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Common Lichens of Edmonton

11 December 2022


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What Lies Beneath: The Hidden Life of Fungi

3 October 2022


Fungi are often overlooked because many of them spend much of their lives hidden from us, and out of sight means out of mind. While all fungi share certain features, these organisms display remarkable diversity. Here, we’ll focus on fungi that form mushrooms and other large, complex fruiting bodies.

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