Seasonal Botany Field Assistant

Agency: University of Alberta, Nock Lab
Location: Based in Edmonton, AB, the position requires travel to field sites in Northern Alberta
Compensation: $17/hr plus per-diem and lodging when on travel status.
Term: May through August, 2023

Description: Forestry practitioners in Alberta seek to conserve species diversity and ecological function by planning timber harvests to mimic patterns of natural disturbance. The large harvested areas resemble burns with features like sinuous edges and remnant forest islands within the disturbed area. The successful applicant will assist a graduate student examining the species and functional diversity of forest understory vascular plant species of pine dominated forest remnants in anthropogenic and natural disturbances. The field assistant will work with a graduate student to collect field data for the study. The assistant will plan field days, navigate to sites and use dichotomous keys to identify vascular plants to species. They will record data on percent cover of plant species, site characteristics, and leaf metabolism. The assistant will collect unknown plant specimens for later identification, maintain excellent notes and organization of data.

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