Squirrels of Alberta

Franklins ground squirrel by Richard Schneider

Nature Albert invites you to our next Nature Network Speaker Series - Squirrels of Alberta!

When: Thursday, February 8 at 7 pm

Speaker: Dr. Jessica Haines of MacEwan University

Dr. Jessica Haines is an assistant professor at MacEwan University. She enjoys teaching about ecology, evolution, and conservation biology and is currently working on Franklin's ground squirrel in Alberta in collaboration with Nature Alberta. In her spare time she likes to be outdoors exploring nature, usually accompanied by her two Labrador retrievers.

Did you know there are 14 squirrel species in Alberta? Join us as we learn more about this fascinating group of charismatic mammals. We'll talk about where you can find squirrels, the adaptations that they have to live in their environments, and where you can download your own Squirrel ID Guide for free so you can continue learning more about squirrels after this talk. We will also talk about squirrel conservation and how you can help us learn more about declining squirrel populations in the province through submitting your observations to iNaturalist.

Watch the recording on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/ngF4AbJLfcQ