How Do UCP Environmental Policies Stack Up?

By Rick Schneider / 10 April 2023


One thing almost all Albertans will agree on is that it’s important to take good care of our environment, both for our own well-being and for the generations that will follow. So how are we doing on the environmental protection front? In this article we will review how past and present governments have sought to balance resource development with environmental protection.

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Seeing Red Over Red Tape Reduction

By Rick Schneider / 5 September 2022


Founded in political ideology, the provincial government’s current red tape reduction efforts have created a boondoggle of confusion, weakened protections, and, ironically, more red tape. The red tape being “reduced” hobbles land-use protection on public land, the land held in trust for Albertans.

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Alberta Environmental Policy Update – July 2021

By Rick Schneider / 1 August 2021

In this post we examine the changes in Alberta environmental policies that have occurred over the past year.

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Making Sense of Recent Shifts in Environmental Policy — And What To Do About It

By Rick Schneider / 15 August 2020


Twelve years ago, Alberta had an epiphany. We came to understand that the future we were constructing was not the future we wanted to live in. This idea was crystallized in a groundbreaking document called the Alberta Land-Use Framework.

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