Volunteer to be a Weed Warrior in Riverlot 56 Natural Area

Field scabious by E SIMAK

The Riverlot 56 Natural Area Society is pleased to be assisted by the City of St. Albert, which is hosting a “Weed Warrior” program to remove invasive plants from natural spaces in St. Albert. Field Scabious is a widespread invasive plant found in the Riverlot 56 Natural Area. Volunteers are needed to hand remove this weed from areas in Riverlot 56 that cannot be mowed, such as re-naturalization plant pods and along trail shoulders. The City of St. Albert will be on site to teach community members about invasive weeds and how to identify them as a part of this event. Volunteers are welcome to attend on a drop-in basis any time between 3 pm-7 pm on June 24th & July 15th.


For more information please visit the City of St. Albert website here or check out their eventbrite page here.