Bird Beaks

Cedar Waxwing by Nicholas Carter

Many different birds come to Saskatoon Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary to find food during the summer! Different bird species have different diets, and so they have differently-shaped beaks to catch their food. 


With your parents help, look around your house and see if you can find objects that remind you of the different types of beaks found in birds! This could be kitchen utensils like cooking tongs, chopsticks, or spoons. Maybe something in the garage like a fishing net or a pair of pliers makes you think of different bird beaks as well.


Try catching food out in nature the same way a wild bird might do using the objects you’ve found around the house! See which household objects work best for grabbing things like bugs out of the tall grass, seeds of the ground, or fruit from a plant.

Thank you to Nicholas Carter for completing this volunteer project.

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