Bug Scavenger Hunt

See how many of these bugs you can find in your backyard!

Nature Alberta's Bug Scavenger Hunt

Bugs are everywhere...in your nearby park, on the sidewalk, in your yard, on the front step, and even inside your house! Download this image (click button near bottom of page) on your device, or print it off as a 5x7 photo and go on your own bug scavenger hunt!

Insects vs. Non-insect Arthropods

Note the different labels on the scavenger hunt: "insects" and "non-insect arthropods." Insects have 3 body parts and six legs. Look closely at the images on the Bug Scavenger Hunt. How many legs does a Harvestman have? How many legs does the spider have? Can you tell how many legs the sow bug has?

When you find bugs in your backyard, see if you can count how many legs they have, to help you decide if they are insects or non-insect arthropods.

Butterfly vs. Moth

Helpful hint to tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly: butterflies have a club at the end of their antennae while moths have feathered or thread-like antenna. Learn more in these helpful identification guides from the Edmonton and Area Land Trust: Butterfly Identification Guide, and Moth Identification Guide.

butterfly with clubbed antenna and moths with thread-like and feathered antenna

Found them all? Congratulations, you're a Nature Kids Bugs-pert! Email us at naturekids@naturealberta.ca with the following info:

  • date you completed Nature Alberta's Bug Scavenger Hunt
  • number of Nature Kids involved
  • full mailing address (must be in Alberta to receive your prize pack)

We will mail you your very own Nature Kids stickers and Nature Heroes Bookmark as a prize!