Fall Biodiversity Challenge

Thursday, Sept 15 - Sunday, Sept 18, 2022

The Fall Biodiversity Challenge invites Albertans to take part in a photo BioBlitz using the iNaturalist citizen science app.

Between Sept 15-18, join our region’s naturalists, species experts, and environmental groups in documenting as many species as you can! Simply upload your photos of birds, plants, mammals, moss, lichen, mushrooms and insects to iNaturalist. Your contributions will be used to help understand more about the species that call our region home.

New to iNatuarlist? View our step by step instructions at naturealberta.ca/inaturalist/ and find out more about the importance of Citizen Science at naturealberta.ca/citizen-science/


Update! The Fall Biodiversity Challenge had 344 observers across Alberta submit 2,177 observations from 740 identified species! Thanks to everyone who participated and spread the word. Detailed results can be viewed here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/fall-2022-alberta-biodiversity-challenge

Happy exploring!