May Species Count

Last Weekend in May

All Across Alberta!

Nature Alberta's May Species Count is a long-standing citizen science project that was initiated in 1976. It takes place all across Alberta during the last weekend in May.  You can participate in your local area:

Count Birds!

Visit to connect with your local count compiler (make sure to thank these amazing volunteers), and then have fun birding!

Count Plants!

Big news plant counters! You can now check out the May Plant Count on iNaturalist! If you are ready to take your observations to the next level then you are in for a good time because with iNaturalist we can record your data in real time and share it with the community in a a more accessible way. But if you are old school and still want to record and submit your data to us in any form we are always happy to receive it. We will be releasing more detailed information on how to submit through the iNaturalist platform but for now feel free to try it out by selecting "Join this Project" on the Alberta May Plant Count iNaturalist project and start making some observations of your own!


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