My BIG Alberta Backyard

Alberta is a great place to live. It’s a big beautiful province full of all kinds of natural wonders. This is where we introduce you to the diversity of wildlife, and unique and interesting wild spaces, that are part of your BIG Alberta Backyard. 

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Leave No Trace

5 July 2024

Nature Kids! Learn how to leave no trace when spending time in nature.

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Crowsnest Mountain is an iconic landmark in Chinook PRA. Take in the view from any angle at one of the many benches around Chinook Lake!

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Chinook Provincial Recreation Area

22 April 2024

Nature Kids! Explore the beautiful scenery of Chinook Provincial Recreation Area!

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What a view! Medicine Lake is known as the disappearing lake as it fills in the summer and empties into a cavern system in the fall. STEPH WEIZENBACH

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Jasper National Park

20 February 2024

Nature Kids! Explore the sights and species of Jasper National Park.

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My BIG Alberta Backyard – Animals of Autumn

24 October 2023

As autumn winds blow in and the leaves begin to change colour, let’s learn about some wonderfully spooky animals that live in Alberta. 

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My BIG Alberta Backyard – Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

14 July 2023

Lush green trees, sparkling blue lakes, and towering old mountains – a place you won’t forget.

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My BIG Alberta Backyard – Listening to Nature

11 April 2023

Nature Alberta’s Parton, John Acorn, has shared his do-it-yourself (DIY) Listening Lid with us!

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My BIG Alberta Backyard – Winter Animal Tracking

8 February 2023

In the winter, animals leave tracks everywhere they go. Their tracks leave lots of hints. Was it a deer or a coyote that walked through? Were they in a group or alone? You can learn lots in information by being a nature detective and examining wildlife tracks.

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My BIG Alberta Backyard – NatureHood

3 October 2022

It’s time to explore your NatureHood! Not sure where to start or what to look for? Start with reading this article!

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My BIG Alberta Backyard – Kleskun Hill Natural Area

1 August 2022

Learn all about the small area of badlands up north near Grande Prairie: the Kleskun Hills.

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My BIG Alberta Backyard – Midland Provincial Park

24 April 2022

Midland Provincial Park, just outside Drumheller, is most famous for the fossils that have been discovered there.

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