My BIG Alberta Backyard

Alberta is a great place to live. It’s a big beautiful province full of all kinds of natural wonders. This is where we introduce you to the diversity of wildlife, and unique and interesting wild spaces, that are part of your BIG Alberta Backyard. 

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

28 January 2022

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary is one of the smallest Migratory Bird Sanctuaries covering only 36 hectares.

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4.0 km trail with viewing deck by Kathryn Huedepohl

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary

2 November 2021

The Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary is a Migratory Bird Sanctuary located in the aspen parkland in Red Deer. Learn all about this sanctuary and the Kerry Wood Nature Centre!

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Grebe Pond bridge in Miquelon Lake Provincial Park
Grebe Pond bridge in Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. C. NEATH

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Beaver Hill Biosphere Reserve

1 August 2021

The Beaver Hill Biosphere Reserve is a unique area located east of Edmonton in the knob and kettle transition zone between parkland and boreal regions.

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wild flowers in the grasslands with mountains in the background, typical of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve
Waterton Biosphere Reserve by Leta Pezderic

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Waterton Biosphere Reserve

21 April 2021

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve is located in southwestern Alberta, where the prairies meet the Rocky Mountains. Find out what a biosphere reserve is and what type of wildlife you will find in Waterton!

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A family of trumpeter swans at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park.

My BIG Alberta Backyard – Grande Prairie Trumpeter Swan IBA

25 January 2021

The Grande Prairie Trumpeter Swan IBA is located near the city of Grande Prairie in the Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, just a quick 25-minute drive from the city centre. It has several lakes that many species of birds call home every year.

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The Importance of Alberta’s Protected Areas

9 November 2020

Learn all about the protected areas of Alberta and why they are important!

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Bunchberry Meadows

9 November 2020

Learn all about Bunchberry Meadows, a natural area west of Edmonton that is wonderful to visit!

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9 November 2020

Learn all about the Grasslands region here!

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Rocky Mountains

9 November 2020

Learn all about the Rocky Mountains here!

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Larch Sanctuary

9 November 2020

Learn all about the Larch Sanctuary, a natural area in Edmonton!

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