Nature Alberta Treasurer

Nature Alberta Board Volunteer Opportunity

Board Opportunity — Nature Alberta is Searching for a Treasurer

If you have a background in business or accounting and a passion for nature, consider volunteering with Nature Alberta as our Treasurer. You will be part of a dynamic team helping to educate Albertans about nature and advancing the conservation of Alberta’s wildlife and ecosystems. What better way to use your knowledge and skills to promote a good cause? General accounting is handled by our bookkeeper. As Treasurer, your role will be to provide board level oversight of Nature Alberta’s financial affairs. This includes serving as a counter-signatory on expense payments as well as regularly reporting to the board on our financial position relative to the annual budget. You will also be responsible for overseeing the annual financial audit and preparing annual returns for Service Alberta and the like. There is also an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the organization by providing business and financial guidance for our programs and our capacity-building efforts. Aside from the annual reporting, the time requirements are relatively low — typically a few hours a month. You would also need to be able to attend meetings outside of normal business hours, as is the nature of volunteer run non-profit organizations. If you are interested and would like to learn more or apply, please contact Nature Alberta President Kim MacKenzie at