Nature Kids Activities

On the Right Track

27 June 2024

Sometimes it can be hard to find wildlife tracks in your neighbourhood or community. You can make your own tracks with this fun craft and activity!

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Moose and young by R PRICE

Mix and Match Tracks

27 June 2024

You can learn lots of information by being a nature detective, looking for and examining wildlife tracks.

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Columbian ground squirrel by R SCHNEIDER

How Did You Do?

27 June 2024

How did you do? Find the answers to the Nature Heroes workbook activities in this key.

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Acorn the Nature Nut courtesy of J ACORN

Discover “Acorn the Nature Nut”

17 June 2024

Join John Acorn on an adventure of a lifetime in episodes of “Acorn the Nature Nut”, now available on YouTube!

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Sandhill Crane. K FAHRLANDER

Out and About: Wonderful Waterfowl

22 April 2024

How well do you know Alberta’s waterfowl? Test your identification skills on a few of our species with this wonderful Waterfowl ID Quiz.

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Nature Quizzes

19 April 2024

Nature Quizzes with answer keys, including those distributed at the 2024 Snow Goose Festival

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Spring Seek and Find

21 March 2024

Explore outside and see how many things you can check off your Spring Seek and Find!

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Bird Footprints Craft

19 March 2024

Make your own bird footprints with this simple DIY craft!

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Mission: Monarch Migration

18 March 2024

Come learn about monarch butterflies and the journey the go on every year!

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Migratory Bird Bingo

17 March 2024

Go birding and mark off all the birds you find on this Migratory Bird Bingo sheet. Fill in a straight or horizontal line for a BINGO or the whole card to become a blackout birder!

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