Nature Kids Activities

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Survival of the Fish-est

1 March 2022

These fish-tastic activities are sure to make a splash as they help you learn how fish survive in the water.

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Migratory Bird Bingo

2 November 2021

Go birding and mark off all the birds you find on this Migratory Bird Bingo sheet. Fill in a straight or horizontal line for a BINGO or the whole card to become a blackout birder!

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Bird Protecting Window Decal

6 October 2021

Protect birds with this fun DIY window decal craft.

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Cedar Waxwing by Nicholas Carter

Bird Beaks

1 October 2021

Try catching food out in nature the same way a bird would, using objects you’ve found around the house!

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4 Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt

1 September 2021

Explore the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary and see how many items you can find!

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Bird Bingo Activity Sheet

Edmonton Bird Bingo

16 July 2021

Watch for birds and colour in the corresponding square on the Bird Bingo Card to try to get a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line for “Bingo!” Challenge yourself to fill in the entire card to become a Blackout Birding Expert!

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Nature Kids Activi-trees

16 June 2021

Watch the Root for Trees Video and then test out these Activi-trees to learn about transpiration and insects in your own backyard!

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Easy Bird Feeder

9 November 2020

Make an easy bird feeder for your backyard to help feed our feathered friends!

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Making a Map

30 October 2020

Learn how to read and follow maps by making a map of your own neighbourhood or favourite natural space.

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Child building a dam.

Nature’s Architects

1 September 2020

Learn about dams by building like a busy beaver.

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