What’s the difference between a snow goose and a Canada goose?



Canada Goose

Snow Goose

Identifying Features Large brown body with light underbelly

Long black neck 

White cheek patch

Black feet and beak

Large white body

Black wing tips

Pink feet and beak

Blue morph: white face and undertail with a dark brown body

Sounds Noisy honks and when you walk too close, they will hiss to let you know to give them space.

Noisy nasal honks, shrill cries, and high-pitched quacks make up the flock’s cacophony.

When and Where Found across Alberta during the spring, summer, and fall. Most Canada geese migrate south for the winter with the exception of a few that overwinter in Alberta in areas of open water. You can find Canada geese just about anywhere, from city ponds to farmers’ fields.

Fly across Alberta during spring and fall migration. Snow geese spend the summer in the Arctic and overwinter in U.S.A. and Mexico. While migrating through Alberta, snow geese rest and eat in farmers’ fields, lakes, and country ponds.



This article originally ran in Nature Alberta Magazine – Spring 2023.