Making Pinecone Bird Feeders

By Nature Kids / 3 November 2023

Grasslands Naturalists
Police Point Park , Medicine Hat, AB
Dec 23

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Make a Snow Fort

By Nature Kids / 25 October 2023

Discover why some animals spend the winter under the snow by building your own snow fort!

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Build a Listening Lid

By Nature Kids / 1 June 2023

Use this Listening Lid to help you hear all the sounds nature has to offer!

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Trumpeter Swan running along water

Swan Snowshoe Challenge

By Steph Weizenbach / 21 December 2022

Try warming up an egg like a swan or running 100 m to take flight.

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From Pixabay

Survival of the Fish-est

By Nature Kids / 1 March 2022

These fish-tastic activities are sure to make a splash as they help you learn how fish survive in the water.

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