2023 Family Nature Nights: Birds & Bugs

By Nature Kids / 27 June 2023

Nature Alberta
Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Red Deer
July 12, 6:00 PM

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Tree Planting for Biodiversity

By Steph Weizenbach / 8 June 2023

Thurs, June 8 at 6 PM
Rundle Park in Edmonton

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Bug Scavenger Hunt

By Steph Weizenbach / 6 June 2023

Go on a Bug Scavenger Hunt in your own backyard!

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Kids Can Catch Event

By Nature Kids / 6 June 2023

Alberta Conservation Association
Fort Saskatchewan
June 10

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Build a Listening Lid

By Nature Kids / 1 June 2023

Use this Listening Lid to help you hear all the sounds nature has to offer!

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Growing a Garden

By Susan / 29 May 2023

Watch your garden grow… underground!

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Budding Birders Guides

By Nature Kids / 8 May 2023

Get your naturalist on with these birding guides from Nature Calgary

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Mission: Monarch Migration

By Nature Kids / 7 May 2023

Come learn about monarch butterflies and the journey the go on every year!

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Migratory Bird Bingo

By Steph Weizenbach / 2 May 2023

Go birding and mark off all the birds you find on this Migratory Bird Bingo sheet. Fill in a straight or horizontal line for a BINGO or the whole card to become a blackout birder!

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Why do geese poop so much?

By Nature Kids / 11 April 2023

Geese poop a lot — in fact, they can poop up to 15 times per hour!

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