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Alberta’s Coal Policy Reinstated

Alberta’s Coal Policy Reinstated

Minister of Energy Sonya Savage announced today (February 8, 2021) that the government was reinstating the 1976 Coal Policy, reversing the course it set last year. Though the government had claimed the Coal Policy was unnecessary because other protections were in place, the removal of the policy has in fact led to a flood of new coal mining initiatives.

Albertans were not consulted about the policy change and have become increasingly vocal in their opposition. Today's announcement demonstrates that grassroots voices can make a real difference in ensuring that Alberta's special places remain protected.

This is s a welcome reprieve for future development in the Eastern Slopes. However, several projects initiated during the rescission are proceeding. We urge concerned citizens to continue to pressure their elected representatives for a full stop on exploration and development activities until public consultation is completed and appropriate protections are in place.

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